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Metal Roof paint: A Guide to Restoring Commercial Low-Slope Metal Roofs

For any business owner, maintaining your commercial building’s roof is critical. This makes metal roofs popular for their durability and low maintenance needs. However, even quality metal roofs show wear and tear over time. Restoring older commercial low-slope metal roofs is one of the smartest investments in your building. 

Going through the process of restoring an aged metal roof can be highly beneficial. After over ten years of use, minor issues like surface rust, small leaks, and loose fasteners often pop up. If left unaddressed, these minor problems will evolve into major headaches.

Properly restoring a commercial metal roof has many benefits – all for a fraction of the total roof replacement cost. 

This article will walk you through a comprehensive guide on metal roof paint and restoring commercial low-slope metal roofs. Let’s dive in.

metal roof wash

Metal Roof Paint: Why Restore a Commercial Low-Slope Metal Roof?

There are several reasons why restoring your commercial low-slope metal roof is a wise investment:

Prevent Further Damage

Restoring your roof before major issues arise can prevent further damage. If ignored, minor problems like surface rust, small leaks, and sealant failure will worsen over time. Restoring your roof promptly can stop these problems in their tracks.

Extend the Lifespan

A commercial low-slope metal roof can last 40 years or longer with proper restoration. Restoration renews your roof to get maximum longevity from your existing materials.

Improve Energy Efficiency

A restored metal roof will have fewer gaps, leaks, and holes. This improves energy efficiency by preventing heated or cooled air from escaping.

Enhance Curb Appeal

A shiny, freshly restored metal roof makes a great impression on customers and improves your business’s curb appeal.

How to Know if Your Roof Needs Restoration

If your commercial low-slope metal roof is over ten years old, restoration is likely needed to keep it in good shape. More specific signs your roof needs help include:

Rust Spots

Surface rust is one of the earliest indicators that your roof needs restoration. Rust forms when the metal’s protective coating starts wearing off.

Leaks or Dripping Water

Leaks or water dripping into your building is a major red flag. It means the waterproof membrane beneath the metal panels has been compromised.

Damaged Flashings

Metal flashings around roof protrusions like skylights, vents, and drains commonly fail first. Inspect them for cracks, tears, or loose attachments.

Cracks or Holes

Cracks or holes in metal panels allow water intrusion. This can cause severe long-term damage if left unaddressed.

Granule Loss on Coated Metals

Some metal roofs have a granulated surface coating. Loss of these granules over more than 25% of the top indicates restoration is needed.

If you spot any of these issues on your commercial roof, restoration services should be employed quickly to avoid more significant problems.

Types of Metal Roof Restoration Services

Professional roofing contractors have several effective restoration services to repair and renew commercial metal roofs:

Metal Roof Painting or Coating

A protective roof coating is applied over the existing metal roof. The layer fills small cracks and holes and provides a new waterproof barrier.

Seam and Fastener Reinforcement

Loose or failing seams and fasteners will be repaired and reinforced to stop leaks.

Rust Treatment

Any areas of rust will be wire brushed and primed to halt rust expansion.

Drain and Flashing Repair

Damaged flashings, drains, vents, or other roof protrusions will be replaced.

Roof Cleaning

Your roof will be deep cleaned to remove dirt, debris, and buildup that can hold moisture.

Choosing the proper restoration techniques for your specific roof ensures maximum performance and longevity of your restored system.

How to Select a Metal Roofing Contractor

Hiring experienced professionals for your metal roof restoration project is strongly advised. Here’s what to look for:

Specialized Experience

Look for a company that specializes in metal roofing and has extensive experience with roof restoration projects.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

Only consider companies that are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This protects you from liability.

Metal Roof Paint: Dedicated Crews

Many roofers subcontract restoration work. Companies with their own trained restoration crews often provide better service.

Solid References

Ask for references from recent commercial restoration clients. This proves they have satisfied business customers.

Detailed Inspection and Estimate

A reliable roofer will inspect thoroughly and explain recommended services in detail.

Competitive Bids

To control costs, get at least three detailed bids from reputable companies.

Taking the time to vet potential metal roofing contractors properly reduces project risk and ensures satisfactory restoration results.

Metal Roof Paint: The Metal Roof Restoration Process Step-By-Step

Working with your chosen contractor, here is the general process to restore your commercial low-slope metal roof:

  • Initial Inspection

A roof inspector will examine your entire roof and take photos to document any areas that need repair.

  • Estimate

You’ll receive a comprehensive written estimate detailing the recommended restoration plan and costs.

  • Permitting

The contractor will pull all required city building permits for your project.

  • Roof Preparation

Your roof surface will be pressure washed and repaired to provide a sound substrate for restoration.

  • Priming

Any rusty or bare metal areas are primed to improve the adhesion of the new coating.

  • Coating Application

The protective metal roof coating is spray-applied in multiple layers to achieve the thickness needed.

  • Seam and Fastener Reinforcement

Metal seams will be reinforced, and loose fasteners will be re-secured or replaced.

  • Clean Up

The roof and grounds will be cleaned, leaving the area tidy after the restoration.

  • Follow Up Inspections

The contractor should provide follow-up inspections of the restored roof at six months and one year.

Professional restoration will restore your commercial metal roof to like-new condition and provide maximum protection for years.

Protect Your Restored Metal Roof

Once your metal roof has been restored, proper maintenance is critical to extending its service life. Here are some tips:

  • Perform Regular Inspections

Inspect your roof at least semi-annually for any new problem areas developing to address anything promptly.

  • Clean the Roof

Use a pressure washer every 1-2 years to remove dirt and debris that can trap moisture on the roof.

  • Trim Overhanging Trees

Tree limbs dragging on the metal roof cause scratches and can lift fasteners over time. Trim back any overhanging branches.

  • Re-Apply Coatings

Plan to renew protective metal roof coatings every 10-15 years to keep your roof watertight.

  • Update Roof Appurtenances

Replace any flashing, vents, or accessories showing aging or weathering signs.

  • Fix Problems Early

Don’t delay fixing any roof leaks, holes, or loose panels. Early repairs prevent more significant problems later.

Bottom Line – Restore Your Commercial Low-Slope Metal Roof

There you have it – don’t wait until minor problems become costly repairs. Be proactive about regularly inspecting your commercial metal roof and acting quickly when issues arise. With appropriate care and restoration when needed, your roof will reliably serve your business for years. Protect your valuable asset and enhance curb appeal by restoring your commercial low-slope metal roof today.

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