Exterior Painting Vinyl Siding

painting vinyl siding

Exterior painting vinyl siding: Since vinyl remains a common choice for homeowners nationwide, it’s critical to understand how you can keep it looking fresh without replacing it. Painting vinyl siding is the perfect way to give your home a new makeover, and the good news is that the procedure isn’t too complex. Read on to discover how to do the job right today!

Exterior painting vinyl siding: What is vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding refers to an exterior cladding material that individuals often utilize on buildings, such as homes, to generate a wood-like appearance. It is mainly made of PVC resin, celebrated for its low-maintenance and durable characteristics.

Why should I choose vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is growing in popularity and shows no sign of slowing down – for good reason.

You can get vinyl siding in various styles, textures, and colors, enabling individuals to pick an option that best matches their preferences.

Furthermore, one of the most significant benefits of vinyl siding is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. Unlike wooden alternatives, it doesn’t need to be stained and sealed and is also resistant to peeling, fading, and rotting. Cleaning this type of siding is typically straightforward, only requiring water and mild detergent.

Additionally, vinyl siding is very durable and weather resistant. Whether exposed to rain, extreme heat, wind, or snow, vinyl siding is designed not to crack, contract, or expand in the heat.

Overall, vinyl siding is popular with homeowners because it is affordable, versatile, and low maintenance. It offers individuals an aesthetically pleasing exterior cladding option with several advantages over wooden panels.

Exterior painting vinyl siding: How to choose the right paint for vinyl siding

There are many vinyl siding painting options, so how do you know which one to choose? The best way to approach this would be to think about the type and color of the paint you need.

The best type of paint for vinyl siding is commonly said to be acrylic paint. Acrylic paint comes in many different colors and is generally fade-resistant.

You’ll want to pick a color lighter than the original surface when painting vinyl siding. Stay clear of dark colors since these will absorb more heat than lighter colors, triggering the siding to warp.

Exterior painting vinyl siding: Our top tips for painting vinyl siding

Now that you have chosen the right paint and color for your siding, it’s time to get stuck. Painting vinyl can sometimes be tricky since it is not typically designed to be painted – instead, it is generally regarded as low maintenance. With this in mind, check out our top tips for approaching the painting process below.

  • Follow the recommendations

Always check if there are specific guidelines available from your vinyl siding manufacturer. After all, some manufacturers may void any warranties if you paint your siding.

  • Clean up

Before painting the side, removing mold, grime, or dirt will be worth cleaning. To start cleaning, use mild detergent and water and scrub the solution on the surface with a brush. Rinse thoroughly and allow the siding to dry.

  • Use a primer

Sometimes, paints require a primer to improve adhesion. Check if your specific paint needs a primer by looking at the instructions. Apply this solution according to the guidelines and give it time to dry thoroughly.

  • Start painting!

Paint the vinyl siding from the top to the bottom with a brush or roller. Ensure your strokes are even and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application. It’s worth avoiding applying thick coats since this can create an uneven surface.

  • Allow the paint to dry.

Give your paint plenty of time to dry according to the manufacturer’s guidelines before the surface is moisturized. It’s worth giving the vinyl siding at least two coats. While one coat will provide the material with some protection, two will offer better durability, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time and money on painting in the long run.

Final thoughts

It’s worth noting that deciding to paint your vinyl siding is a big decision, which may adjust its maintenance needs and longevity. Follow the above list of tips and freshen up your home’s vinyl siding today.

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