Eggshell Wall Paint

Know about eggshell wall paint

Everything You Need to Know About Eggshell Wall Paint: If you want to freshen your walls with a new coat of paint, you may wonder what paint to use. The truth is that many homeowners and decorators turn to eggshell paint to brighten their interiors, but what’s it all about?

If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of eggshell wall paint, you’re in the right place. Read on to discover more about it and how it can help your walls stand out today!

What is eggshell paint?

Know about eggshell wall paint

This type of paint gets its name from a finish that appears like an eggshell’s surface. It is more glossy than matt emulsion but less than silk and satin. It provides a subtle sheen finish and can create depth in a room by reflecting light without looking too shiny.

Where to use eggshell paint

Individuals often apply eggshell wall paint in lower-traffic areas like living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and hallways. Furthermore, if you’d like your ceiling to reflect light, eggshell could be the perfect sheen you’ve been looking for.

This paint is often avoided in higher-traffic areas like bathrooms and kitchens and higher-impact surfaces like window and door edges. You’re better off utilizing glossier and more durable types like satin for these spaces.

How to use eggshell paint

Painting walls isn’t always the straightforward job we hope it will be. Look below at our step-by-step guide for painting with this type of paint.

· Preparation

You’ll need to consider some preparation beforehand, including taking everything off your walls, including family pictures and props, and filling in any wall holes using joint compounds. Grab some tape to mask any areas surrounding your walls to avoid getting messy. This could include your door and window edges.

· Use a primer

Primers are beneficial during a painting job because they can cover up unwanted stains well. Apply your primer and allow the surface to absorb it. This needs to dry before you start applying the eggshell paint.

· Paint!

Now that it’s time to get to work, you should consider a few handy tips before you get started. For example, you should start the job on the ceiling before getting to the walls. Ensure you spread your paint evenly across your roller, avoid roller markers, and use this tool from top to bottom to create lovely, smooth layers.

· Wait

Once you’ve applied your first coat of eggshell paint, you’ll need to play the waiting game for about 4 to 6 hours. After this point, you should consider applying a second coat.

The Benefits of eggshell wall paint

· Blending durability and color

One of the great things about eggshell paint is that it offers a good balance of strength and pigment, providing durability without the disadvantage of creating a dull finish. This contrasts with many other colors, where the pigment reduces when the strength increases.

· Simple to clean

Walls covered in eggshell paint are straightforward to clean with a simple sponge or wet cloth. Homeowners with messy children will particularly appreciate this advantage and know how easily walls can get dirty.

· Aesthetically pleasing

Eggshell paint can provide reflectiveness and a soft sheen. Those with an eye for design will love the adorning result of this paint and will appreciate how much more depth it can give any room.

Things to consider with eggshell wall paint

While eggshell paint has many advantages, you should also take note of some of its drawbacks. This will ensure that you make the right choice regarding choosing the best wall paint for you.

· Durability

While eggshell paint is pretty durable, satin is more durable. Glossy paints are renowned for being more durable and may be better than eggshell paint when applied to high-impact spaces. So, avoid using eggshell paint on walls subject to wavering temperature or moisture levels.

· Difficult to touch up

Due to eggshell paint’s desirable soft sheen, it is tricky to layer small areas of this paint without people noticing. Usually, a minor touch-up is a redo of a whole wall, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and take a lot of effort!

Hopefully, you’ve got more of an idea about eggshell paint and whether it’s the right paint for your walls. Happy decorating!

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